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ASSIST is an acronym that means : 

Aid to Special Saints IStrategic Times.

As a mission, we seek to partner with indigenous Christian ministries around the world in order to further the Kingdom of God. Through partnerships with local ministry groups and churches, ASSIST desires to show God’s Love and share God’s Word with those living in poverty stricken areas of the world. We desire to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of individuals by providing humanitarian aid as well as biblical spiritual guidance. ASSIST supports local indigenous communities through feeding programs, small business education, micro-loans, church planting, evangelism, and discipleship. ASSIST presents an opportunity for Canadians to partner in this ministry through sharing their resources in supporting this important work.

ASSIST came to Canada in the early 1990s. Since 1998, Kevin Schular has given leadership to our mission. The first country of focus for ASSIST was Nicaragua. This Central American nation had come through civil war and natural disasters and the ministry of ASSIST was a significant help to the people and churches. Beginning in 2007, ASSIST began to expand our partnerships with other national churches and organizations. While continuing in Nicaragua, we now minister in Cuba, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Philippines and amongst refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

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